You need to kill any female who ever had sex with older generation male female who ever had physically contacted with that so called 童安格. Because it's Bush junior evil revenage crime committed to want your entire Chinese life to pay his li 21世紀房屋仲介ttle sister Condi Rice sex trashed by that older Taiwanese Chinese male while she's abused her dad Bush senior's dark side force whored in Taiwan Dancing Hall so called "5.Tin" to eaten your entire Taiwan 酒店經紀ese dark side bonelessly. Bush senior can have the fair and balance (Because he can have the best keen eyes to see how Angus Tung watching me down to the hells to tell how I ended out of trashed field. I remember Angus Tung brought m 酒店工作e to lie on his bed, he shielded Condi Rice on his right side and placed me to shield him on his left side; Condi Rice talked to Angus Tung to demand him to sold me out to whore in the dancing hall like she chosen by herself; I did not say anything, that me 吳哥窟ans had Angus Tung indeed demanded me to do like that, I would have had no problem to accept that challeng at that time, Angus Tung must have had already known that whore in the dancing hall too light to sink me to hell, he showed that view to that sucking Condi Rice at that t 九份民宿ime her Chinese named "Sue.Show.Nun"<Even whored in that dancing hall low, she could have that evil suck to abused that low, not mentioned hired to show up as US Secretary high. Just see how abusive she showed on US Senate floor openly hearing site to figure out those unknown sucks too heavy 酒店工作to see the light behind your public eyes.>, how I made my evil boss Danny Lain kissed me publicly while he dancing with me, that how my evil boss Danny Lain roped by Condi Rice to trashed me as worst as he could, but failed [You don't abuse, no one can turn you into female dressed animal suck even you are for 有巢氏房屋ced to whore to make a living. You are forced to whore can only show that you are not whore, you just like a Horse, therefore, as long as you do your best to walk the work, you can always like that real horse to live under the day light to see the sky high. Why horse can do better than any human formed whore? Because horse can fly you to wi 宜蘭民宿n in the real battle ground front line; whore can only dragon you down to die worthless than shit.]to turned me to be female dressed animal like Condi Rice, therefore, they tooled their evilest slave JungShiauLin [JungShiauLin's one of Bush gangsters grouped evilest slaves, you just need to see how JungShiauLin's brother JungYaoLin looked like Bu 酒店工作sh junior's ID Twin to figure it out by yourself.] to hung me on his marriage rope. ) to see his own daughter too suck to deserve a life, therefore, he locked her inside his white house to hide, Bush junior too suck to see that point, therefore, he abused his White House power to demand Angus Tung to come out to do the revenage for his sucking low lower lowest cold cold 永慶房屋 hard.  .


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